corporate profile
HUACHAUNG always insists on high quality, efficient service, create the first-class engineering quality; adopts sincere service attitude, strict quality control, casting first-class installation team. Through careful management, quantity, such measures as technology innovation, to achieve the harmonious win-win situation among company, the owners, employees and society.
Through a series of development methods,such as implementing technology innovation, management innovation, talent innovation , HUACHUANG continues to expand business scope market. On November 16, 2015 successfully listed on the new three board, stock abbreviation: China electronics, stock code: 834144. As the first construction enterprise listed on the new three board in Ningbo Haishu district.
HUACHAUNG makes full use of the mode real economy + Internet, builds intelligent chain enterprises, and also makes China concept throughout the country. In the future, HUACHAUNG will be for the government to take more social responsibility, to provide customers with services of higher value, provide better development space, provide a broader development platform for entrepreneurs.
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